Why you need a SEO Expert in Greece?

55% of businesses with an online presence decide to invest in professional SEO services and not without reason, we would say. After all, the benefits of search engine optimization are huge for any business looking to attract new customers. However, before you decide to invest in SEO optimization services yourself, it would be good to know some basic information.

What are SEO services and what are their benefits?

SEO, from the term Search Engine Optimization, refers to the optimization of a website for search engine results. Simply put, the better a website’s SEO is, the higher it will rank in Google’s results. Besides, the first results are the ones that receive the most traffic.

Speaking in percentages, about 70% of internet users visit the results that are in the top 3 positions on Google. Only 30% continue to the following first page results on Google. Not to even mention how many decide to visit the 2nd page as well. Besides, it is no coincidence that there is a phrase circulating abroad which says that if you want to hide a business, list it on the second page of Google.

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Increase organic traffic with a SEO expert Greece

An organic visitor is the internet user who visits your website from search engines. This particular traffic category is the best, since users who visit your website are looking for what you provide.

Thus, they are much more likely to convert into your customers and purchase the products or services you provide. Besides, SEO services have the main goal of not only increasing traffic, which can come through other methods, but increasing the conversion rate of your visitors.

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What factors affect the SEO of a website

SEO is a function of about 200 different factors that search engines take into account. They are divided into two main categories, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to the optimizations made on your website and includes, among others, the following actions:

  • Meta title and description optimization
  • Using SSL certificate
  • Fast loading speed of your website
  • Optimization of photos and their alternative texts
  • Internal linking between the possible pages of your website
  • Use of optimised texts (with correct use of keywords, headers, etc.)
  • Correcting errors in the code of your page

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO includes the actions that take place outside of your website. Such actions include creating backlinks to third-party websites, social media marketing, etc.

Although many people try to invest in buying backlinks from third-party websites, believing that link building is the key factor of SEO, we encourage our clients to put more emphasis on onpage seo of their website and providing quality content, which will also ensure backlinks to your website.

How long do SEO services take to see results?

SEO services require a certain amount of time before they can produce meaningful results. However, our SEO agency in Greece is able to ensure a noticeable rise in Google rankings from the very first month.

However, as experts emphasize, seo is a long-term investment that will take at least a few months to establish you at the top of the search results (SERPs).

How quickly a website will get on the first page of Google depends on many factors. Among these are the competition in the keywords you choose, the state your website’s overall SEO is in and how much work will be needed, as well as a multitude of other factors. 

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How to get to the top of Google with SEO services

Everyone would like to come out on top of Google for competitive keywords. Of course, this is not always possible, since in the first position you will usually find companies that invest several thousand euros in both on-page and off-page seo.

So what you should target in the first stage is the top 3 Google positions, which is much more achievable. Additionally, one of the best SEO strategies is to secure the first position in Google for larger and less competitive keywords.

Our experienced copywriters are able to get your website to the top of the search results by providing comprehensive content marketing services combined with optimization of all on-page SEO factors. 

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SEO Services Cost

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The cost for SEO services is not small. But neither are the results it brings to a business. All companies rely on SEO, since this investment is one of the most reliable strategies for increasing customers and sales of a business.

Although in general the prices for SEO are high, we offer you the possibility to choose the most affordable SEO service packages on the market with immediate and guaranteed results. 

What we can’t give you, however, is a fixed price for our services since this depends on the number of keywords you wish to optimize, the number of pages your website contains and many other factors.

So, instead of looking for prices on SEO packages, you can fill out the enquiry form below and within 24 hours you will receive a detailed quote.

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Our SEO company in Greece is able to bring you excellent results in a short period of time and at an affordable cost. The rise in search engine results and increase in organic traffic will come from the very first month.

Our SEO strategies are based on the number one ranking factor of websites which is content. However, we don’t limit ourselves there, as we will also use White Hat SEO techniques to create quality backlinks to your website, further helping your Google rankings.

So if you too are interested in effective SEO services fill out the following expression of interest form. Besides, how did you find our website? Most likely from Google’s organic results, since we do not promote our services with online ads.